Technical BI Lead - London

Senior Technical BI Lead

Role of the Technical Lead is to provide technical implementation oversight to all levels of BI staff across Talisman and all other associated development streams.


* To provide technical advice to the management team, assisting them with high level planning and/or issue resolution.
* To work with solution and functional architects to define technical implementation approaches for VIP and other data solutions.
* To define development standards and encourage developers to follow them during the development process.
* To conduct code reviews and ensure that quality standards are followed in the development process.
* To collaborate and contribute to the development of TALISMAN and other data solutions.
* To work closely with DevOps team to ensure TALISMAN code is effectively managed in the code management repository.
* To provide technical guidance on the code and environment management processes.
* To review and ensure a good plan and approach is in place for all TALISMAN technical deployments in the production environment.
* To provide technical oversight on multiple projects at the same time and drive delivery dates.
* To work with cross project teams to track the inter project dependencies and highlight risks or issues that will hinder the delivery timelines of such projects.
* To help the product manager to maintain the quality of the TALISMAN solution in the production environment.
* To liaise with the DBA team to ensure that appropriate maintenance processes (backups, weekly maintenance, restartability framework) are in place for error-free execution of the TALISMAN system.


* Experience of working in a multi-stream development environment using the full panoply of state-of-the-art Microsoft BI technologies.
* A thorough understanding of the principles of data warehouse design and development.
* Five years' experience and knowledge of all aspects of the CDW and TALISMAN data warehouses structures, processes and feeds.

BI Lead, Talisman, BI Manager, Technical Lead, BI Analyst, Business Analyst

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fulltime, permanent
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