Marketing and PR

Marketing and PR

Marketing, advertising and PR exists in most businesses and across all sectors. Successful marketing helps organisations to connect with their audiences and to promote brands, messages and products.

Marketing impacts the following areas:

  • advertising
  • brand management
  • direct marketing
  • event management
  • market research
  • marketing communications (online marketing and social media)
  • public relations (PR)
  • sales promotion

Throughout the UK, 2016 has seen marketing jobs becoming particularly abundant in the FMCG sector, but there are also plenty of opportunities throughout the whole spectrum of the marketplace. Marketing professionals are very much in demand in finance, digital media, technology, energy, aerospace and construction.

The sector is dynamic and is constantly responding to the changing habits of consumers. As technology continues to become more sophisticated, companies are investing in new ways to know their consumers and communicate with them. Digital technology has created more channels, such as smartphones and tablets, to send brand and product messages to consumers. Employers expect new marketing recruits to have an understanding of new media and they particularly value creative individuals with innovative ideas.

With the industry being rapidly digitised and transformed by exponential growth in technology, the number and diverse nature of marketing jobs are increasing today in all kinds of innovative fields. Whether you are a junior looking to start a career in marketing or an experienced strategy or product management professional with unique skills in the market, there is likely a new niche in the marketing world perfect for you. For marketing organizations, big data has become a fundamental feature of the new marketing landscape. Big data technology is driving the use of channels and methods enabling organizations to analyze their marketing campaigns results in real time and giving businesses the power to respond like never before.

Analytics has never been more important. Increase in the use of social media has created a huge dataset that marketers can utilise to analyse consumer behaviour. Databases are used to better understand segments of the market and move towards direct marketing, helping to build long-term customer relationships. Graduates with numerical and analytical skills who are able to exploit databases are in demand.

According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), there is a need to integrate marketing with PR and recruits in this sector increasingly need these skillsets, as well as journalistic skills and an understanding of new media.

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