Information Technology

Alongside the financial services and accounting sectors, we expect Information Technology to continue to lead UK job market growth in 2016. The first quarter of this year points to an annual 30% increase in permanent jobs on the market as businesses target increased revenues.

We see two big technology drivers in the market. These are Big Data and User Experience (UX).

Big Data for business is chiefly about data agility, or the ability to process and analyze data to enable optimization of existing business operations and to highlight opportunities for new business. We’re going to see large scale investment in the setting up of real-time big data platforms at a number of corporations this year and this will create many exciting roles from Hadoop developers to Enterprise Data Architects.

To compete with rivals many businesses are looking to improve user experience (UX) and with ever advancing technologies coming into the fray user expectations are at an all-time high. More than ever, public facing web sites need to be device agnostic and “responsive” is now the norm for new web site development projects. We expect individuals with experience in any of the extant javascript frameworks to be in great demand.

With the financial services sector recovery under way we also expect to see a sharp rise in the demand for skilled Java developers, database developers, IT support staff and project managers.

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