HR and Recruitment

HR and Recruitment

The recruitment industry is now buoyant, with the Recruitment & Employment Confederation's (REC) 2013/14 Recruitment Industry Trends Survey revealing that revenue is now higher than before the recession. It also predicts further growth over the next three years.

The recruitment and human resources (HR) sector currently employs around 100000 people with job opportunities available all over the UK

Job opportunities in the recruitment and HR sector can be grouped into several categories, including:

  • employee relations/industrial relations
  • employment law
  • health and safety
  • payroll and pensions
  • performance and reward
  • recruitment and talent management
  • strategy and organisation development
  • Training, learning and development

Workers in the sector usually take one of two routes. They either work in-house for an organisation or, alternatively, work for a recruitment agency that hires employees on behalf of clients.
Working in-house at a large company would see you become part of an HR team. You may specialise in recruitment or one of the other areas listed above. At a smaller company, you may perform a range of tasks.

Some companies outsource HR to recruitment agencies or consultancies. There are several large international agencies that operate in numerous sectors of the employment market.
Recruitment and HR are functions that exist in the majority of UK companies across most sectors. However, HR is a head office function for some large organisations. This means you may be based in London or another major city.

HR and Recruitment is a competitive industry with deadlines and targets to meet. This is especially so with recruitment agencies. Earning potential can be high with current average salaries around £44K. Some companies offer commission and bonus schemes for meeting recruitment targets.

Talent management is also a growth area. This is a reaction to companies placing more emphasis on attracting, retaining and developing the best employees. The uncertain economic climate means that there are changes to staffing levels across all organisations. This requires recruitment professionals to ensure that organisations retain the talent and skills they need.

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