Our agents will track down the most suitable cv

CV Search

Our CV Search research consultants can track down the talent you need from a pool of around 20 million candidates.

CV Search is a cost-effective route to follow for all sized companies looking to outsource the first stage of their recruitment process.

When a role is advertised to the job market the vast majority of suitable candidates may never see the advert. One reason for this is the existence of both active and passive candidates, with the greater number of truly qualified candidates being employed in a similar capacity elsewhere. It could be a question of timing that these candidates may not have quite reached the stage of actively seeking alternative employment or perhaps they don't realise their true market value and potential. Our CV search service aims to target both active and passive candidates to locate the best qualified individuals.

Once a client subscribes to this service, our tenacious team will search through databases of millions of candidates sourced from our own network as well as niche and big name job boards. Our committed staff will filter and narrow down the set of candidates to meet the exact requirement providing you with only the CVs you want to see.

For key strategic roles we need to make sure we are not missing any potential game changing candidates available. This is why we identify both active and passive candidates from the databases available to us, making sure that the winning candidate we supply meets even the highest expectations.

How Our CV Search Works

We follow 3 simple yet effective phases to introduce the most suitable candidates into your recruitment process.

CV Search Service
1 We establish our understanding of your ideal candidate profile requirement
2 We search and filter the databases at our disposal according to the above criteria to a manageable qualified set of individuals
3 We pass our screened candidates over to you and you review, interview and place the best candidate(s)

To find out more details about this service please send us a message and one of our account managers will promptly get in touch.

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